You know you’re a hoarder when…

Bottles + zippers = cute DIY Pac-Man monster containers

  1. The under-sink storage in your kitchen looks like a jumble sale made up of clothes too threadbare/paint-splattered/grass-stained to be upcycled into anything but cleaning rags…
  2. …And empty spray bottles which might come in useful when you finally get yourself in gear and make some of your own cleaning products.

    Image: Poppy’s Money Tree House

  3. You have to wrench yourself from a public bathroom without taking that empty loo roll for your ever-growing seed-starter collection.

    Image: Gardening Clan

  4. Your grocery shopping list is no longer directed only by budget, season and air-miles, but also by packaging – yes, the own-brand yoghurt drinks are cheaper, but you need three more Actimel bottles to make that set of skittles!

  5. Friends, family, colleagues (and friends of friends, family, colleagues…) send you carrier bags of wool, fabric, old clothes, and their recycling, because they have heard about the amazing things you can do with an old picture frame, a handful of elastic bands and three empty M&S noodle boxes (turn them into wall-mounted saucepan lid storage, of course).
  6. Your kitchen window shelf is home to two sprouting avocado stones, several jars of herb cuttings you’re attempting to root, and an array of sorting boxes for:
    • The regular compost
    • The bokashi compost
    • Food for the birds
    • Empty eggshells (slug repellent)

      Image: via pinterest

  7. Your husband has to buy you a shed to store all the “crafting” goodies you cannot help but hoard.


This may, or may not be a comment on the current state of our house, or of my hoarding compulsion…


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