The unexpected


What I wore last Wednesday: skirt: gift from my Mum; long–sleeved scoop-neck body top: ebay; cardigan: Matalan; hold-ups: M&S; shoes: Bertie

So, the panic has started to set in. I was looking around for ways to boost my income when I’m self-employed next month – no-longer needed goods to sell on ebay, for example – and I realised that the greatest value items in my possession are the raw materials with which I can make saleable goods. I genuinely do not hoard for hoarding’s sake, only when I have a particular project in mind for something (ok, that’s not 100% true when it comes to fabric and yarn, but it certainly is true with regards to packaging and boxes). I simply do not have the time to put half of the ideas in my head into practice. So, I’m thinking seriously about how I’ll order my time from the start of April. I need to build in time to work on freelance projects, time to craft and time in the veg patch. But these things need to be flexible to allow me more time to freelance, for example, when I’m working on a big project, or to craft, for example, when I’m building up stock for a fair. And it all also needs to fit around our ever-generous mothers who provide us so much free childcare! I’m not yet sure how it will all work – it’s really all a bit “wait and see.” And that’s where I’m struggling, as it leaves everything so outside of my control. I can’t prepare for the unexpected. Only for what I hope will come to be…


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