30 minute stash-busting shoe bag



Our shoe shelves are a good idea in theory. When we first put them up with our shoes neatly aligned, they looked smart. But we all know that shoes don’t stay neatly aligned – they get taken off and chucked, unceremoniously wherever they’ll stay put without sliding onto the floor. They get pulled from the bottom of the pile, without a care for those piled atop them or where they might end up. In short, they look something of a mess.

30 minutes and a patchwork of upholstery fabric from my stash later, and I have a soft fabric bag, suspended from the shelves above by ribbons, to  hold all of my slippers, sandals and ballet shoes neatly out of sight. I could have quilted this to give it more structure, or used card or plastic to stiffen it, but I wanted something I can chuck into the washing machine without worrying too much about it. Because shoes get mucky, y’know?


Job done!


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