Mother’s Day makes

Yes, I know that Mother’s Day was a little while back, but although I began planning this project in February, I didn’t get started until the week after Mother’s Day. I had good intentions… but you know what they say about those!

CIMG9338I may have been a little slow to start because the initial planning stages required the application of trigonometry. It has been a long time since GCSE maths, but a quick google refreshed my memory that the diameter of a circle could be calculated by the circumference ÷ π. Which was much simpler than I remember it!

My Mum had been pinning knitter’s totes like a woman obsessed, and turning up weekly at ours with a carrier bag of wool and needles, so I knew exactly what I wanted to make. But I also knew from my own experience that I wanted to tweak things a little, to make one unlike any I’d seen online.


See that second tote? That slips in to the top of the large tote holding your current project’s ball of wool. All the remaining wool for your project sits neatly underneath, untangled and out of harm’s way until needed…


There are a few tweaks I’ll need to make before selling these – I’d like to make it maybe an inch taller and check my measurements, as the taller pockets don’t line up perfectly at the seam. But otherwise, I’m chuffed to bits with this project! And I think Mummy was too.


One thought on “Mother’s Day makes

  1. Yes Mum was very very pleased! I love it and so do my craft class friends. It holds everything you need and the extra tote for WIP is so much easier to work with! xx

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