Stash-busting nightdress – a make-do make!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Conall at a funny angle and heard a distinct ripping sound. With a sigh, I retreated to the bathroom mirror, to inspect the enormous tear that had appeared across the back of my nightdress. It wasn’t something that could be fixed without replacing the whole back panel. The nighty had had it.

Not having the cash for a new one, I delved in my stash for some suitable fabric. This lovely lightweight blue and yellow stripe is wonderfully sunny and summery, and was given to me by my Grandma in a parcel of materials she felt sure I’d use. I had no pattern, so I used the existing nightdress. I replaced the elasticated waist with an adjustable cord-threaded lace, leftover materials from an adjustable-length petticoat I made a few years ago…

CIMG9519 CIMG9517 CIMG9520

I was so happy with the result – a lovely new nighty for an hour’s sewing, and much prettier than any I’ve seen on the high street!


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