Quick gardening update…

IMG-20140601-WA0013Progress in the veg patch – not great, but at least we should have tomatoes, potatoes, radish, lettuce, beets, turnips, butternut squash, pumpkins and marrows.


More potatoes – the first earlies I planted, in fact, all in flower this week. 


I also have strawberries in pots and hanging baskets, bush tomatoes in hanging baskets, an array of herbs, and red and yellow peppers. So we won’t starve!

I have really got the gardening bug of late. I’ve tried to grow vegetables and herbs before – even in the tiny flat in Newcastle I had pepper plants on stakes covering the window in the spare room – apparently it was rather like sleeping in Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

cheeky squirrel

The squirrel, munching on one of my strawberries. Shortly after taking this photo I retrieved an old net veil I bought in a charity shop and a broken clothes horse from the shed to make this anti-squirrel net tent!CIMG9958But this year I’m really excited at the prospect of just how much I could potentially avoid buying if I could only produce it myself. It is also proving great exercise – after a few hours in the garden I can guarantee I’ll be aching all over and sleep like a baby!

This week I’ve also been foraging for elderflowers (not much of a forage really – there’s a tree halfway up the drive!). I’ve made elderflower cordial, frozen in portion-sized ice-cubes for summer drinks, elderflower frozen yoghurt, and started elderflower gin, which I’m especially excited about!


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