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I’m afraid the garden is more or less my life at the moment! Between the boys and the veggies I don’t have a lot of time for much else, and as I have commented to Dapper more than once, the garden is a little like children, in so far as she needs tending if you want her to thrive – even on the days you really don’t feel like it!


This photo was taken before I lost all three tomtato plants to blight. Gutted, but it happens to the best of us!

In fact, in the week since I took this photo things have gone a little nuts up top. The marrows are now in full bloom and trailing above the pallet frame I put in for them to climb. The bags of potatoes you see to my right in the photo have been harvested and eaten hot with butter (I don’t remember planting reds, but there you go!) The canes to the my left are now half-high with dwarf beans, and behind these, my repurposed gate-framed bed is green with borage and marigold, turnip, beetroot, radish, chicory, lettuce and nasturtiums.



The tomato hanging baskets and various patio veg are also doing spectacularly well – we’ve been eating red tumbling toms this week, with various other bush varieties on the vine yet to ripen. The alpine strawbs have been delicious from my hanging basket by the front door, and my first carrots are nearly ready to lift. And of course, we’ve been living on salad radish – and radish tops in salads too.

CIMG0034CIMG0080And I’ve just started preserving the produce. My elderflower gin is frankly delicious (I water mine down with lemon juice, and obviously tonic water) and following Monty’s advice last Friday, I cut back my chives to encourage a second crop, making a delicious chive and walnut pesto as a result!


My next job is to get the two large beds in and the green manure underway ready for autumn planting for my winter veg plugs. I’ve inherited a pile of fence slats and telegraph poles for this, and have a pile of pallets on the way as well. These, I’m hoping, will provide planters for my saffron crocus, an early birthday gift from Grams, and due to arrive late August!

I’m really very excited about the whole thing – the idea of being so in control of what we’re all eating appeals to my inner control freak in rather marvellous ways!

And now I’m off to read James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution, to see what wonders I can add to my patch next year…




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