Allotment news

Here are last Monday’s photos – after a weekend of rain and sunshine, the plants went wild!

CIMG0104Alpine Strawberries – these have been great this year – a daily source of snack-time treats for the boys!

CIMG0126 CIMG0107 CIMG0105

Various tomatoes, growing and ripening at varying rates.

CIMG0108 CIMG0121


Chillis and container carrots

CIMG0115 CIMG0119

Naturtiums, a great addition to salads (leaves and flowers), delicious in cream cheese sandwiches for a fresh and peppery hit.


“Butterbush” patio squash plants – I’m delighted with their progress as I’ve nurtured them from seed.



Turnips in an old suitcase with beetroot, and the squash that won’t stop growing…


Borage flowers – delicious in elderflower gin and tonic, or Pimms, and the leaves and stalks are edible too!




2 thoughts on “Allotment news

    • Hi Char – thanks for stopping by! The slugs are a nightmare here too, and I haven’t found a safe solution to be honest. They decimated my first few squash and marrow plants, so the later seedlings I mulched with felted wool (yep, really!), surrounded with sacrificial nasturtiums and bordered with beer traps! It seemed to work, at least enough for the plants to establish enough for a few slug nibbles to lower leaves not to matter.

      On the other hand, I lost my french beans completely to slugs. My second sowing I protected with plastic bottles, tops and bottoms cut off and the upper edge serated with pinking sheers to create a sort of slug barbed wire. If this works, I’m planning on planting all next years beans in empty bottles with the bottoms cut off, and planting out when they’re strong enough!

      Finally, many of my patio plants suffered slug attacks until I raised them all onto bricks. And salted the base of the bricks too!

      My biggest problem just now is flea beetle – they’re destroying my turnips and radishes! Cx

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