What I wore for Nan’s 95th

Dapper’s Nan’s 95th birthday fell on a balmy evening before the summer, well, ended abruptly. Just as well as the M-I-L and I spent much of Thursday afternoon preparing food for 40 folk to enjoy outside, and we’d never have fit 40 under the gazebo!


Apologies for the poor picture – it was taken at the very last minute, and I had no time to take another, better shot!
Dress: Lady V London; petticoat: House of Olivier; cardigan & flats: Matalan 

My wee lads stayed up late for the occasion and at first dark we enjoyed fireworks – their first. I was half expecting tears at the loud bangs and screeches, but they were in awe, glued to the bright lights and colours. It took a while afterwards to settle them to sleep, though!


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