October garden round-up

The last of the harvest is in now, and I’ve brought the pepper plants and remaining tomatoes into the conservatory to ripen. I’ve had 6 good peppers, red and yellow, from the plants so far, and there are two still growing on the red, so I’m hoping to extend the season until they have ripened.


I also brought in the chilli on a more permanent basis – as I think it looks quite pretty! I’ve had enough chillis to make tamarillo chilli jam, chilli, apple and ginger jelly, and to hang two strings of chillis to dry, and there are still plenty on the plant too!


And my pumpkins have ripened nicely off the vine, since the frame fell over and snapped them both off!


My first saffron crocus have begun to bloom, so I’ve collected a dozen or so saffron strands. I’ve put in over-wintering kale, chard, onions, elephant garlic and winter lettuces. I also visited our local garden centre at just the right moment with my birthday money and bought a cold frame and plastic greenhouse for next spring’s seedlings, both half price in the end of season sale. The seeds were all reduced to 50p per packet too, so I filled my boots! All set for next spring!


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