Caroline’s Crafts

I have always loved to “make things”. Since I was a child I have looked at toys I couldn’t afford and thought out ways to recreate them within budget. In Year 6, for example, when I couldn’t afford the Sylvanian Families Windmill, I made one – out of cardboard, match sticks and lollipop sticks from the school technology trolley. The sails really turned, and I added a pulley system and bags of talcum powder flour to the first floor, which was accessible via the lollipop stick step ladder…

My passion for crafting never really left me, and in 2009 I met the marvelous Kate via twitter, and set up our superclub, sew make believe.

I also make and sell a variety of handcrafted items at craft fairs and via etsy. You can visit my craft blog at Down the Garden Path.

I still get crafty whenever I can, and you can find all my crafting posts listed under the sew make believe tag, here.


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