Getting handy with sock toys

At the Vintage and Handmade fair last week I was amazed to find that my sock toys once again sold out. This has inspired me to concentrate on making Toesles for the next fair, and I duly went shopping on Wednesday and blew a lump sum on kiddy socks…

Last time I stocked up my sock stash, I also bought a couple of pairs of boys’ gloves, which I was drawn to because of their colourful stripes. I had in mind a dinosaur toy of some description. The above is the result of a couple of hours fiddling last night. I’ll be putting a tutorial on sew make believe sometime soon, if you fancy having a go for yourselves!

(P.S. If you haven’t already, please nip over to the shiny new sew make believe website and have a squizz – it’s just lovely. And there’s a fab relaunch giveaway going on too!)


Jam jar pretties

Wanna know how to cover jam jar lids with scraps of paper? Visit the sew make believe blog today!

Ribbon bow bangles

Made from an old creme fraiche pot, newspaper, PVA glue and wool. If you fancy having a go for yourself, hop on over to the sew make believe blog today for instructions!

Sew procrastinating…

I’ve been doing a whole lot of sewing lately. A bit of careful reorganisation of my belongings has enabled me to keep one sewing machine at Dapper’s and one at my wee flat, with a comprehensive sewing kit at each, complemented by Dapper’s own, impressive sewing box of notions. This means that the weekends Dapper has marking or lesson planning to complete provide me with ample opportunity to tackle my sewing projects with gay abandon. Which I do… kinda…

I’m getting expert at completing small projects. Having sorted the stash, I can run up bunting, building blocks, pin cushions and tea cosies in the blink of an eye. What I’m not so good at is tackling the bigger projects – the dresses, for example, that sit, cut and pinned in the box under Dapper’s bed.

See, the problem is that I’m afraid of screwing things up. I’m afraid that the big projects, without the watchful eye of someone more experienced than myself, will go wildly awry despite my best intentions. I’m afraid of making a big ol’ mess!

This weekend I’m going to tackle my second petticoat. By telling you as such, I am forcing myself into action. And after that, I’m going to attempt a dress. Because I have the pattern, the fabric, the notions… I have the power!

(But first I’ve got a pile of bunting to finish up. Well I did say this weekend!)

I fear the claw cometh…

As a result of a return to obsessive form thanks to last week’s crochet workshop, I have discovered the Crochet Me website, and have a wishlist of patterns as long as my arm. These are immediately downloadable on purchase and come in around the $5.50 mark, which converts to roughly £3.50 of my hard-earned cash. They accept PayPal too, so I already have plans for the next few £4 survey incentives I earn via the Pinecone Research panel…

At the workshop we learned to read a pattern, and being the stubborn sort, whilst everyone else abandoned the idea of making a scarf in favour of a bookmark, I resolutely stuck to my 300 chain length. But now, having completed the pattern and realised I have no use for a scarf in this particular colour combination, I am instead planning on continuing with my stripes to make a blanket! This mindless ativity keeps me occupied on the commute, and as I seem to manage roughly 6 rows per day, should give me a 300 stitch square blanket within a couple of months. So, just in time for the heat of August then…

My pattern-reading confidence having grown, I have already downloaded a relatively simple-looking shrug pattern, built on a base of delicate granny squares with which I feel relatively safe now. This is a transitional piece, as I fully intend to progress from my current obsession with shawls to cardigans in the near future.

My wrist has already begun to cramp and click, but crochet is just such a rewarding hobby!

Project: crochet dish pads

In my stash-bashing of late I’ve been putting all sorts of odd ends to use in mini projects, the most useful of which could well be these dish cloths, pads and scrubbies. For a simple tutorial nip over to the sew make believe blog.

Dumb and Darwin

The sun came out today, and the temperature hit highs of 22C. So, having worn sundresses all week, I naturally chose NOT to wear one today! The joys of dressing before the sun has risen…

On the radio this morning they were talking about stupid things people had done in their lives. Some of the stories and anecdotes made me cringe, from licking the Scalextric track to see what would happen to holding the spark plugs while revving a motorbike, and reminded me of the very special moment I had while microwaving a monkey

In less Darwin Award-worthy news, I’ve been attacking the stash again, this time using up my ends of wool to crochet dish cloths and scrubbies.

I found some great, simple tutorials for classic dish cloths and scrubbies like this one, and then moved on to look at scrubbies using recycled materials including old tights, net produce bags (or excess tulle/netting) and plastic carrier bags.

My growing stash scrubbies stash!

Right: I’m off to show my lovely sew make believe ladies how to decorate cupcakes…