What I am wearing

If the outfit shots are your key point of interest on second hand shopper you can access them all through the what I am wearing tag here.


2 thoughts on “What I am wearing

  1. Oh this is so inspiring…I love the vintage look u have in most of your outfits…..in most cases i get torn between style and modesty..I can see I’m not the only one…I like to look nice and not have to show too much skin…In most of outfits …I could see myself…thanks a lot…however it might the difficult for me to get outfits like that here..but all the same …u have inspired me…esp love the reiss coral dress …oh so excited that found some1 with my kind of style….
    Have neva made a web comment b4 tho i’m 28 y.o …this just goes to prove how much i got inspired ..thnx Caroline.. from Tracey…maybe u shld start putting up shoes as well;-)

    • I think I must have missed this comment whilst on my holidays! Thank you for the compliments – I’m glad you like my style! Yes, modesty is something I struggle to balance out, and I try not to show too much skin, above my knees for example. But this season’s midi skirts are ideal for creating a more streamlined silhouette, so it should be getting easier!

      Thanks for commenting Tracey! 🙂

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