The weekend’s best bits

Everyone loves the weekend, right? But it struck me today that there are particular rites of every weekend that are my favourites – and they’re nothing spectacular, just routine moments that make me beam every single week!

  • That moment when you wake up on a Friday morning, roll over, groan… then realise it’s Friday and you’ve only one more day to go!
  • Four o’clock Friday (for me), or whatever time you happen to leave work, as  you step through the building’s front doors and take that first breath of freedom. That is the very best moment of ANY weekend, so full of possibility.
  • Bedtime Friday, when you flip the switch on that alarm clock – the joy! Just now I actually did a little squee of excitement!
  • The Saturday morning lie-in. Waking up, checking the clock, panicking for the splittest of split seconds – and then realising it’s the weekend and just because the clock says 6.15am doesn’t mean you’re late for anything!
  • And bedtime Saturday, when people-who-aren’t-me realise they’ve the whole of Sunday still to go! (This used to be one of my fave bits, until I went and got a silly Sunday job…)

4 thoughts on “The weekend’s best bits

  1. Huh! 6.30 this morning I woke to the sound of Talk Sport debating England’s diabolical performance last night – I was not best pleased,especially as I could still hear it with the duvet over my head and fingers in my ears. AAAAAAAGH!
    Enjoy your single days and don’t marry a sports fanatic or weekends will never be the same.

  2. Listen to your Mum, she speaks wisely! I am tres fortunate to have married someone who is only 50% fussed by the Grand Prix….and that’s it.

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