Pickles, preserves & prairie dresses

Dress & belt: charity shops; seamed hold-ups:
M&S; shoes: Per Una via charity shop.

On Sunday we turned out at ten to visit Knowle high street for two minutes’ silence by the war memorial, followed by the Remembrance Day parade. As always, the event was emotional and poignant, although a part of me couldn’t help but feel that at an earlier time, the silence would not have been interrupted by cars screeching past and music blarring full blast through the windows. Nevertheless, Remembrance Day is always an ideal opportunity to recognise what we have and what others sacrificed in order that we might have it!

After the parade, we dropped in for a cuppa with Dapper’s Nan, then popped to the supermarket for a whistle-stop store-cupboard essentials tour. I picked up some ingredients to allow me to spend a thoroughly wonderful afternoon in the kitchen making vats of pickled onions and cucumbers, and several jars of chilli jam. I also did a spot of sloe-picking, and will be purchasing gin in the next few days, set to make several friends very happy early next year…

We had a delicous steak and Caffrey’s pie with roast veg for dinner, then I fell asleep on the sofa in front of Iron Man. We currently have no TV signal, so Strictly was out of the question, and my only input to our choice of telly was ” something I don’t care about watching, so that I can fall asleep”. The delightful Robert Downey Jnr did an excellent job!


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