Hiding from the light

…is harder than you might think! In a move that can only be described as Sod’s Law, today is bright and sunny and far more akin to the weather we’d expect from June than any other day this month has been. Of course, seeing as I’m supposed to avoid sunlight, I was kinda hoping for the overcast to continue. As it was, I slathered my face, neck and hands in SPF 25 this morning (I have no full block, but will buy some as soon as I can get somewhere that stocks it!), hoiked on my 50 denier nude-appearance tights, chose a cardi I knew I could pull down over my hands if need be and turned the collar up on my long-sleeved spring trench. I then spent much of my walk to the station crossing back and forth across the road to seek the shade. I don’t know whether the sun is strong enough to really have an effect at 6.30am, but I’m taking no chances!

I must admit, while the doctor was lecturing me on staying out of the sun on pain of blistering I was thinking “Yeah, but she means, like, sun-bathing at noon, not just walking to work or waiting for the bus or sitting inside with the curtains open…”

Not so. This afternoon the sun crept around the office until it was shining directly through the window onto my mouse hand. A colleague pointed it out and suggested, half jokingly, that I should be careful. I laughed. Less than five minutes later my hand was looking a little pink and my freckles had all come out. Which is what my skin does just before it starts to burn…

I walked home from the station tonight with my umbrella firmly above my head. As I said before, I’m taking no chances!

Otherwise, I’m yet to feel the full effect of the drugs – everything still hurts just now. I feel quite light-headed and kinda “woooo!” it is true, but also quite snoozy and VERY nauseous a lot of the time. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve not felt like eating much – I had to force myself to eat a bowl of pasta last night as I knew I’d throw the pills back up otherwise! I even forced down a bowl of cereal before I left this morning, just so I could take my dose sooner rather than later. I had soup for lunch but again am in the position of not really fancying much for dinner. I hate having no appetite – cooking is usually the high point of my day!


8 thoughts on “Hiding from the light

  1. Those antibiotics sound awful. Even if you can’t eat much try drinking the yogurt milks with friendly bacteria in. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the gut & That’s what makes your tummy bad. Take care and get well soon x

  2. Sorry you are feeling so yukky – Just two things… 1) You’re grounded – get an early night! 2) Eat something to line your stomach and you will start to feel less sick. Lots of Love xxx

  3. God, I remember those sorts of antibiotics – they were less of a pain for me as when I was taking them I was at college (and inside alot) and it was winter, but I was terrified because I burn *so* easily! Nathan also tells me they’re the antibiotics you take for malaria, so it should knock that on the head too, if you have it. Just think though – no pain soon! They do work too, if that helps. I remember taking my GCSE English Lit with sinusitus, and I honestly could have cried with the pain. Oh, and dry toast – if you never fancy anything else, you can usually manage that. Or crackers – I recommend Italian crackers, “Doriano” – lovely and crispy with a little salt on top, perfect for a bleaugh tummy.

    This is an excellent excuse to get a parasol, you know!

  4. Caroline, I know what you mean about today – I don’t burn as easily as you but have eczema that is made worse by the sun so have to put up with people asking why I sit in the shade (in a long sleeved cardigan like you described) rather than throwing all my clothes off in order to turn pink as quickly as possible.

    Do you get silly comments about your umbrella? The only time I used one (for sun), it was one I got specially: silver with a red lining which I thought was quite summery without looking all frilly and victorian like most parasols you ever see. But it attracted so much attention that that I didn’t use it again.

    Anyway, I’ll wait to see what you say in tomorrow’s parasol post…

    • I didn’t get any comments, but I do get looks – I felt like people were thinking I was either crazy or an attention seeking eccentric! I was using my pretty cream and orange blossom brolly too, so not too wintery!

      The parasol I want is kinda frilly and Victorian, in part because at least that way people will know I’m using it to keep off the sun and not the rain!

      I haven’t blistered since I was a child, but I hope never to again. For that reason I’d rather slather myself in sun block and sit in the shade than dazzle in the sun. Besides which, porcelain is overdue a come back! 😀

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